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Who is YOUR mentor?

On answering the question for Dawn Carroll’s Over My Shoulder Foundation “Who Was Your Mentor” this is what I came up with. No one…that’s why I’m such a kook and have struggled through out the years with self doubt and other bad thinking. My mentor, if you will, was the moon whom I called John. He was there for my everything. In spite of it all, I have worked my way through a pile of not believing in myself dog doo…just kept going forward with blinders on as a famous man once said to me…”run the race with blinders on.”  This is a good thing but there is trouble in it because you are not seeing the ‘whole’ picture. Sometimes you must do this to or you will stay standing still.   He was one of the first bi-polar people I ever met who took Lithium and was a very successful director of Broadway and movies. If you have something inside of you that you know will connect you to others or will connect others to you, you find a way to use it come hell or high water. If you don’t, that unfulfilled talent will bite you in the arse and bring about an incredibly sad and disappointing life.

If you can find a mentor or if a mentor finds you, at any age you are blessed among boys and girls, men and women. A group of women, when I had just turned 50, along with The Artist Way, The Four Agreements, Trauma and Recovery, Mans Search for Meaning, Becoming a Helper, and so many other books, helped me believe that I could have the life I wanted after all the fanfare had died off, the phone had stopped ringing, my 15 moments of fame had expired, all those things I felt I needed to fill the giant hole in my soul, had simply vanished out of my life. Now it is a real life thanks to a community of women who each bore witness to the others pain and validated it by simply being there and writing our stories into song. Through this work I came to a deeper level of my own need for healing and now I feel that I am smoking an excellent weed called “my own life.” Everyday I recognize the potential in any new space, in my mind, in another mind or heart or soul, or in a room in a mind that needs a song to sing. Not sure this is what  you wanted to Dawn but perhaps it will help someone…????? xo

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