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ERNIE BOCH/MUSIC DRIVES US was inspired enough by “The Ballad of Robin Lane” on Chronicle to call me up to tell me he’d like to donate $10,000 to Songbird Sings and our programs. This is amazingly generous don’t you think so? Thank you Ernie!!!!
Any of you who care to help us facilitate more songwriting healing programs you can go to There are incentives. It’s amazing to me how few people know that exploitation of young people is in epidemic proportions here in good old U.S.A. Young people being trafficked. This is unspeakable. And there are many women too, who have survived unspeakable cruelty, now older but needing to heal. I’m on a mission to help heal trauma one song at a time. When survivors of violence can tell their story in a song, the healing force of lyrics put to music has the most life altering effects, that and being in the community of others who have similar experience. Believe me there are many many many, as I’m sure some of you do know. If you can not afford to help our programs, perhaps you know one or two people who can? Perhaps you would care to become a fundraiser for us or host a House Concert for me, all proceeds going back to Songbird Sings. I’m full of love for so many who’ve never felt a drop of it in their lives. Music is love and Love heals. Next thing is to find a few more musician type people who want to learn how to do this. It’s taken me 12 years of training and processing as I go. Ernie Boch’s contribution is going to help a lot of people from the songs they will write and many others who will be able to hear the songs as we record them. It’s exciting.

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  1. Wonderful!

    November 21, 2013

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