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Our Mission

It is the mission of Songbird Sings to transform those silenced by domestic violence, sexual exploitation, post traumatic stress disorder, childhood abuse, war, and incarceration, enabling them to give voice to their experiences and emotions. Through songwriting and creative collaboration, participants find the key to their own healing, developing inner strength and resilience as they come to trust themselves and others, while building support systems between those with a shared history of trauma.

Future goals:  To create a nation-wide network of accredited instructors to offer Songbird Sings songwriting and recording workshops for trauma survivors.

Songbird Sings supports itself through:

  1. Donations from people like you!
  2. It’s Annual Appeal Drive
  3. Foundation Grants
  4. House Concerts by Robin Lane.
  5. Robin Lane’s new CD, “A Woman’s Voice”

In the Words of Others: “Robin brings a combination of music education, professional career in music industry, demonstrated collaborative techniques, and an array of lived experiences that enables her to offer a program that resonates with women consumers of mental health services, survivors of childhood abuse, trauma survivors, and women in recovery. There are few known programs that bring together these elements to create a powerful workshop that taps into the inner resources and gifts of women allowing them to engage in their own healing.   ~ Maria Rodman, executive director of The Women’s Resource Centers of Western MA

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