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The Ballad of Robin Lane (featured on Chronicle WCVB-5)

The power is in the song…

Clearly music can do things which language can not. Music has unique powers, something very primal is at work. Music is such a healing force but add your story to a melody, sing that song or have someone else sing for you, this is powerful for those who have been silenced by trauma. The power is in the song.

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Trafficked Young Women from Boston are writing their stories into song.

We now have the opportunity to come together and stop trafficking in our own city of Boston. First step in stopping trafficking world wide. The songs shed light on an epidemic of exploitation.

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Fundraiser success, 2 new programs about to get started

A woman's Voice, Roxbury Youth Works songwriting programs set to go...Starting up again this April with a new group of young women who sadly have had some of the most heinous things happen to them in their young lives. Once again the songs show how courageous, and brutally honest these girls can be.

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