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The Ballad of Robin Lane (featured on Chronicle WCVB-5)

The power is in the song…

Clearly music can do things which language can not. Music has unique powers, something very primal is at work. Music is such a healing force but add your story to a melody, sing that song or have someone else sing for you, this is powerful for those who have been silenced by trauma. The power is in the song.

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Trafficked Young Women from Boston are writing their stories into song.

We now have the opportunity to come together and stop trafficking in our own city of Boston. First step in stopping trafficking world wide. The songs shed light on an epidemic of exploitation.

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I know why the songbird sings: A conversation with Robin Lane

The first group of women to join my songwriting workshop all had some kind of life trauma: domestic abuse, childhood abuse, addictions and most assuredly mental health issues. At the time I didn’t know this or understand at all who these women were. I didn't even "get" my own trauma. However, as the lyrics were written, the songs created and then sung, I began to see the process working, bringing us all together to a shared commonality and validation of our experience. Thus we began our healing, becoming advocates for the idea that not only is change truly possible, but we women survivors of violence have become a powerful force and can use our voices and our songs to Break The Silence abuse hides behind.

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